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Undergraduate Projects

  • Jan 09 / 2017
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Undergraduate Projects

Some of Undergraduate Projects

Title: Secure Video and Voice Over IP, Named as MIT-SVoIP [Final Thesis]
Description: Desktop application capable of text chatting, voice and video calls End-to-End Encryption. It secures Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN and Facebook which we assumed those are the widely used services for voice and video calls. Back in 2012 encryption was optional in most popular services listed above.
Language: Java
Frameworks: Java Cryptographic Extension (JCE) and OSGi frameworks

Title: Image Based Steganography and Cryptography In conjunction
Description: Combining the two robust security techniques to create doubled level of
Internet security.
Language: Java

Title: Audio Based Steganography (Summer Project)
Description: Steganography is the art of information hiding, concealing the very existence of actual message from adversaries. Embed text message in cover wav audio file format, using the LSB methods of audio steganography.
Language: Java